Sedaa Client Services

Sedaa has developed a compelling light-weight approach for supporting our clients through 21st-century transition and transformation. Our work focuses on the two primary business domains that influence behavior and accelerate performance:

Employee Capability

Provides the source of energy, effort, innovation,
and execution. 

Enabling the capability to drive and respond to change, problem solve and collaborate resulting in high individual and team  performance.

Organizational Capacity

Provides the purpose, direction, form, and means
for delivery.

Enabling the capacity to be Productive – efficient, effective and profitable – while also being Disruptive – innovative, introducing new products, and industry leadership.

Employee Capability Solutions Resolve:

  • Gaps in skill, experience or expertise
  • High turn-over, low retention
  • Lack of commitment
  • Everyone is overwhelmed

  • Responsibility gaps, confusion
  • Low participation/engagement
  • Lack of consistent goal achievement

Organizational Capacity Solutions Resolve:

  • Missed commitments or deadlines

  • Low customer satisfaction
  • High effort and low results

  • Delivery inconsistencies
  • Lack of accountability and ownership
  • Poor or no decision making
  • Low collaboration and innovation

Staffing Solutions

Tell us your talent, skills, experience needs and how these resources will add value and support your success.

Consulting Solutions

Tell us your 21st century challenges and and how you’d like to improve performance

Change Management Support Solutions

Talk to us about a new way of securing just the right level of Organizational Change Management support for your project